Americans will need to register to travel to some parts of Europe starting in 2021


If you’re planning a trip to Europe in the next decade, you should know that there might be an extra hoop you’ll have to jump through.

Beginning in 2021, Americans will be required to be pre-screened to get European Union (EU) authorization before traveling to some countries there.

Coming in 2021: Mandatory pre-screening for American travelers to Europe

The move is part of new EU regulations put in place in 2018, when the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), was announced.

Presently if you have a valid U.S. passport, you can travel freely throughout Europe for up to 90 days, but things are changing.

“The new ETIAS will ensure that we no longer have an information gap on visa-free travellers,” a European Union news release said. “Anyone who poses a migratory or security risk will be identified before they even travel to EU borders.”

Here’s what you’ll need to do to travel to the EU 2021

  • Request ETIAS authorization online before your flight
  • Complete the application
  • Pay a fee of 7 euros (about $8 as of March 2019)

Final thought

If you’re nervous about the new European travel requirements, there’s no need to be.

“There will be almost instant approval,” Team Clark Travel Editor Clara Bosonetto says about the new system. “And then it’s valid for three years with an unlimited number of entries.”

That means if you are initially authorized in 2021 you won’t have to repeat the process until 2024.

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