5 things to put in your carry-on that are under $10


With the holiday travel season in full swing, travelers may want to consider bringing along a few extra goodies in their carry-on bag. More than likely, holiday jet setters will be dealing with long crowds at the airport, possible travel delays and booked flights.

Luckily, I’ve discovered five things that can make travelers feel more at ease while heading to their holiday destination. These items are all under $10 and can help make a travel experience a bit easier (they can also be great as a stocking stuffer).

1: Ear plugs

Expedia recently revealed in an Airline Etiquette Survey that noise plays a contributing factor in many annoyances while in flight. Travelers complained about the ‘audio insensitive,’ ‘chatty Cathy’ and ‘the boozer’ personalities as some of the worst of fellow passengers. Luckily, a cheap pair of ear plugs can help travelers help de-clutter the noise and feel more at ease. They are also a favorite of travel experts like Samantha Brown

2: Rolling exercise ball

Narrow seats and limited wiggle room can make long flights a bear, especially for those looking to minimize poor circulation. While stretching around can be difficult, travelers can still get the blood flowing by using body massage balls. How it works: Glide and roll the small ball under feet and hands to stimulate nerves and relax muscles. 

3: Portable manicure kit

Traveling in the winter can wreak havoc on nails, causing them to be dry and brittle. While airline passengers likely won’t have time for a manicure during their next layover (or may not want to spend the money), they can still keep nails in tip top shape with the CVS Beauty 360 Portable Manicure Kit. The kit comes with interchangeable heads to help sculpt, polish and shape nails. 

4: Water bottle with filter

Air travel in the winter can sometimes make travelers feel a bit parched. Instead of waiting to get through security to purchase an overpriced water bottle, consider bringing along an empty water bottle with a filter, like one from Bobble. Easily fill it up at the airport’s water fountain and let the filter reduce chlorine, odor and organic contaminants. 

5: Slippers

For jet-lagged travelers, kicking off the shoes is sure to relax achy feet. A pair of slippers can help passengers feel more comfortable when mid-flight. 

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