Guaranteed way to upgrade your flying experience for less than $10


From long security lines to delays on the tarmac, flying can be a real hassle.

But what if we told you that there’s a way to improve the in-flight experience for everyone on the plane for less than $10? Entrepreneur and author Peter Shankman says it’s not just possible – he guarantees it.

The #1 secret to a better flight! 

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On his website, Shankman shared his number one travel hack, which the frequent jetsetter says he’s used for the past five years, every time he flies.

The secret? A large bag of M&Ms, which he buys at the airport for $8 to $10.

After boarding, Shankman says he hands the bag of M&Ms to the lead flight attendant and tells them to share with the rest of the flight crew. He doesn’t do it for a better seat or free drinks, he does it for everyone on-board.

Flight attendants put up with a lot of bad attitudes, but Shankman says his act of generosity immediately elevates their mood, providing an upgraded experience for all passengers. 

We’ve read stories from other people who’ve tried this method and say the act of kindness is absolutely rewarded.

In fact, a few months ago we shared how one woman got $340 in travel freebies at the airport, rental car counter and hotel – just by asking politely for an upgrade. 

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