Yahoo mail users hit by data breach


If you are one of the hundreds of millions of Americans who uses Yahoo mail, you have homework to do right after you read this.

Yahoo has a breach of undetermined size going on right now. The username and passwords of Yahoo mail customers have been compromised.

So there are 2 areas I need you to pay attention to right now.

First, if you have a friend who loves to send you email with hyperlinks to YouTube videos or something else where it’s like, ‘You gotta check this out!’ … do not click on those links until further notice.

Delete all those kinds of emails. If you open them, you run the risk of turning your computer into a bot that criminals can use to further commit mischief.

Second, many people use the same username and/or password on financial sites that they use on their email. If you use same the password on a financial site that you use on Yahoo mail, change it immediately.

If you don’t, criminals will be able to easily access your bank or brokerage account and drain your money. Please act on this quickly before I get calls saying, “The money is gone. What do I do now?”

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