Women only ridesharing app launches


Hey ladies, how many times have you felt creeped out by your Uber driver? There’s a new startup that aims to address your concern by delivering rides for women by women.

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Introducing Chariot for Women

Chariot for Women is launching April 19 across the country. After recent data was released showing the high number of sexual assaults reported to Uber, Chariot for Women aims to put female riders at ease by essentially banning men from driving for or using the service.

A special exception is being made for boys who are 13 or under, according to Dose, and it’s been reported that men who are with a female companion can ride so long as it’s the woman who requests the ride.

There’s also a charitable angle here: A portion of proceeds from each ride a woman takes will be given to charities with a focus on women.

For those who are wondering, Chariot for Women was actually started by a man who worked as an Uber driver and saw a need for this kind of service in the marketplace.

Finally, do you like the idea of Chariot for Women, but think the name is all wrong? The company is giving you a chance to come up with a better moniker! See their Facebook post below for more details.

Drive for Chariot

If you’re a women who is considering driving for Chariot, here’s what you need to know.

  • Chariot For Women takes 25% of the first $100 earned in a 24-hour period. Chariot gives 2% of that 25% to Charity.
  • After the first $100, the driver then keeps 98% of all the remaining fares for the rest of the day. This could mean a 23% raise after four hours of driving.
  • Chariot Drivers get paid as soon as their passenger exits the vehicle.
  • Drivers can opt for taxes to be withheld.
  • You can sign up here.

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