This hidden tool will help troubleshoot your slow PC


If you’re frustrated because your computer is running slow or crashing all the time, there’s a hidden Windows tool that may come in handy.

Reliability Monitor tracks your computer’s reliability and problem history.

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Don’t give up on a slow PC before you try this!

Why do you need to know that? The tool can help you begin to troubleshoot an issue if you aren’t sure why your system is suddenly underperforming.

Let’s launch Reliability Monitor to help you understand exactly how it works. The easiest way we found to open the application is to type perfmon /rel into the search box and press enter.

Reliability monitor perfmon /rel

When the Reliability Monitor report is generated, you’ll first want to take a look at the reliability index, which ranges from 1 to 10. The higher the number, the more reliable your computer is.

Windows Reliability Monitor

Next, review critical events, such as a program that stopped working, which can reduce reliability. In addition to failures, warnings and information items will be listed here.

By taking a look back at the data, you may be able to determine when your computer’s performance began to suffer, perhaps after you installed a new program.


Before you exit, click “Check for solutions to all problems” to see if there’s a simple fix.

Windows reliability monitor check solutions

Not getting anywhere? Many computer manufacturers offer free tools on their official websites that check the health of your PC and provide possible solutions.

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