A Windows laptop that becomes an Android tablet?


As I walk around CES looking at all these amazing TVs, I can’t help but note the irony. I’m that guy who doesn’t watch TV as a general rule. When the Super Bowl is over, I won’t watch TV again until the NFL kicks off in September. Football is the *only* reason I tune in!

So try to picture me here I am at CES, as I look at these TVs and say to myself, “Imagine watching NFL on that!”

Meanwhile, I’ve been posting pictures of the new curved smartphone from LG and getting brushback from people who are like, “So what that it curves?”

The thing I like is the LG Flex is a phablet with a large screen, but it doesn’t become too out of control — precisely because the screen curves to fit the contours of your face. So it lets you have more screen size without being overwhelming.

But I don’t get the curved flatscreen TVs I’m seeing from many vendors. I just can’t understand what the big deal is about them. Maybe there’s a good reason for it, or maybe it’s just a ‘because we can’ kind of thing that engineers came up with.

The key to any of this stuff is you’re going to decide with your dollar what makes it in the marketplace and what doesn’t.

Another neat thing I saw yesterday: A Taiwanese company has a full laptop that becomes a detachable Android tablet. So when the whole thing is together, it runs as a Windows-based computer. And when the tablet part is detached, it runs on Android.

I expect Apple to follow this model with a MacBook Air that becomes an iPad. Sometimes you need a full computer for work, but sometimes you just need a tablet to watch some video. But wow, watching that Taiwanese laptop detach and change operating systems was really, really neat!

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