Ways to exit your cell phone contract


Looking to get out of your cell phone contract? CellTradeUSA.com offers you the chance. The type of phone you have is very important when you’re looking to swap — that is, the “hotter” your phone, the more likely someone else will want it.

Sprint contracts are typically the hardest to exit. The reason is twofold: First, they have abysmal customer no service. Second, many of their phone choices lack in the coolness factor and that makes them harder to unload. On the flip side, if you’re looking to take an existing contract over from someone else, you may have luck with Sprint users.

As always, if you’re looking for a new cellular provider, Clark advises people to check out Net 10, a smaller carrier that’s been great for those who do minimal talking. Right now, however, Net 10 also offers an unlimited calling plan for $79/month — that’s unlimited calling and unlimited texting. Another possible alternative could be Virgin Mobile USA.

How can Net 10 afford to just throw in unlimited texting while the bigger carriers charge up to 20 cents/text if you’re not on an unlimited plan? Because the actual cost of texting is zero; there are no incremental costs, no marginal costs, nada. The technology piggybacks on the existing voice system. In fact, there’s currently a Congressional investigation into why the big providers raised the price from 10 cents/text to 20 cents/text.

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