Ways to sell or donate old electronics


Many of us have old electronics that are sitting around our homes unloved. I want you to entertain the idea of selling or donating those gadgets.

My executive producer Christa was recently looking at selling an old Wii. She tried a few of the websites like Gazelle.com that I talk about and she was getting offers of $12. This was a system that people were clamoring for a few years ago and stores were rationing them.

Now she’s being offered $12 used and it’s in perfect condition with all the accessories?!

So she went to a well-known video game chain store and they offered her $20 to $25 in cash or $35 in store credit. If you’re into gaming, consider taking the store credit to maximize the trade-in value of what you’ve got.

As another thought, you might consider donating your stuff to children’s charities if they want it or even assisted living centers for seniors. My mother lives in one of those and the people there play Wii bowling. It’s a very useful exercise for the elderly.

When you’re talking about cell phones, the best time to sell them is just after you upgrade to a newer phone. You get the most value when it’s just past being the hot thing in the mobile world.

Of course, older cellphones can always be donated to soldiers through AnySoldier.com or to domestic violence shelters through ShelterAlliance.net. The one thing not to do is let what you’ve got sit around and gather dust!

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