Woman scammed out of $4,500 on Facebook


Police in Miami Township, Ohio, are warning residents of a phishing scam on social media that has robbed at least one victim of $4,500.

Investigators say criminals used Facebook to steal the $4,500 from a 75-year-old woman. The scam was in the form of a Facebook message from a friend that led the woman to believe she had just won a $200,000 lottery, except the person on the other end wasn’t her friend.

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Beware of fake Facebook messages that appear to be from friends

‘This message said that she was eligible to win $200,000 as long as she sent $750,’ said Sgt. Paul Nienhaus of the Miami Township Police Department.

After the victim sent money, she was prompted to send even more. 

‘Each went to a different state one went to Pennsylvania one went to Florida,’ Nienhaus said.

Police say the victim’s friend’s Facebook account had been hacked. 

‘Oh it’s extremely frustrating; It’s as frustrating for us as it is the families,’ Nienhaus said

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Watch out for fake shopping apps!

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