Warning: Do not click this Facebook Messenger link


Facebook Messenger users are being bombarded with malicious links that could infect phones and computers with malware.

Bleeping Computer reports that people are receiving spam messages from a friend’s account that may have been hacked. The message includes the user’s first name, the word “video” and a link — usually a bit.ly.

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Facebook Messenger scam: What you need to know

People who follow the link are directed to a Google doc that displays a fake playable movie, according to SecureList. If you click on it, your device will be infected with malware or adware.

Komando.com reports that the scammer is then able to redirect the victim to other malicious websites.

Here’s an example of what the message looks like:

It depends on the browser you’re using, but those who’ve fallen for this scheme have been tricked into downloading fake updates for Flash Media Player or Google Chrome extensions, which both infect your device with adware.

If you receive this message, don’t click the link, report it to Facebook and let your friend know they may have been hacked.

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