Warning: This website crashes iPhones


With a website name like crashsafari.com, what do you expect?

Tech safety experts are warning iPhone users to avoid clicking on links to the “crashsafari” website, as it will overload the default Safari browser and cause your device to freeze up and reboot.

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What you should know

The website does not contain a virus, and should do no long-term harm to devices. The website is programmed to add numbers to the address bar continuously, which causes mobile browsers to crash and desktop browsers to stall.

The website called crashchrome.com also causes issues for Android users running Chrome, though it typically only locks up the browser app, which can be closed to fix the issue without having to reboot the device.

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The only browser that appeared to have no issues loaded the websites is Microsoft’s Edge, according to VentureBeat.

The website has been around since April 2015, but the bug has only gone viral recently.

While users can easily avoid clicking the above-mentioned websites, pranksters can utilize URL shorteners to make it more likely for users to click on a link without realizing the original source.

The takeaway 

While this scam may not be as harmful as some others out there, it’s a good reminder to always be cautious! Never click on any unfamiliar links when you cannot determine the original source. If you aren’t sure, do a quick search for the site or company to see if there’s anything suspicious being reported about it.

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