VOYAGER Mobile has $19/month unlimited smart phone plan


Another day, another phenomenal deal on unlimited no contract smart phone service! Though I have to caution I haven’t tested this one out personally yet…

VOYAGER Mobile is a new cell phone service started by a 22-year-old student who’s still attending New York University. John Mardini is running what’s called a ‘mobile virtual network operator’ (MVNO,) which means he wholesales blocks of service on the Sprint network and then turns around and sells it at two price points:

  • $19 for unlimited talk and text
  • $39 for unlimited talk, text, and data

VOYAGER is available in almost two dozen states, concentrated heavily in the Heartland with some West Coast presence. Though taxes are extra, VOYAGER offers the lowest price point for unlimited everything I’ve seen — with the exception of an experimental beta service I’ve talked about called Republic Wireless. Again, I have not yet tested VOYAGER, but you can read my review of Republic Wireless.

Because VOYAGER is a no-contract service, you pay full retail price for the handsets, which range from $119 to $549.

Who knows if VOYAGER will stick around? I have no idea. But if it works, boy, is it cheap!

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