How to cut your Verizon Wireless bill in half

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If you’re a Verizon customer, there’s an easy way to lower your cell phone bill without sacrificing coverage and reliability.

Tracfone’s Total Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) that partners with Verizon and uses its cell phone towers. The only difference? The discount carrier is a whole lot cheaper than Verizon.

Some of money expert Clark Howard’s fans have cut their cell phone bills in half by switching to Total Wireless.

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Total Wireless vs. Verizon Wireless comparison

How’s that possible? Verizon’s latest unlimited plans cost $75 to $95 a month for a single line of service before taxes and fees. Although Total Wireless doesn’t offer an unlimited plan, its single line option is only $35 for 5 GB of data.

With Wi-Fi available in so many places, many people have no problem staying below 5 GB of data for an entire month.

When you look at Verizon’s non-unlimited plans, the provider offers 5 GB of data for $55 a month before taxes and fees. Total Wireless’ 5 GB plan saves you $20 a month for the same 4G LTE network, same coverage and same towers.

Compare the plans below and read senior writer Michael Timmermann’s review of Total Wireless here.

Total Wireless vs. Verizon Wireless plan comparison

Total Wireless Verizon Wireless
Plan Single line 5 GB 5 GB for $55
Monthly price 

$35 or $33.20 with auto-refill

Taxes and fees extra


$55 ($40 promo for 5 GB data + $20 monthly line access fee – $5 Auto Pay discount = $55)

Taxes and fees extra

Network Verizon (Coverage map) Verizon (Coverage map)
Unlimited talk & text Yes Yes
Wi-Fi calling Yes (Read more) Yes (Read more)
High-speed data  5 GB 5 GB
Carryover data No Yes
Prepaid or postpaid Prepaid Postpaid
Bring your own phone Yes (Check compatibility) Yes (Check compatibility)
Customer service via phone 866-663-3633 800-922-0204

If 5 GB of data won’t last you for 30 days, Total Wireless sells 5 GB of add-on data for $10. It doesn’t expire if your service is active, so it can be rolled over from month-to-month.

The low-cost carrier also has family plans with unlimited talk, text and shared high-speed data:

Total Wireless shared family plans

2 lines 15 GB shared data $60 or $57 with auto-refill
3 lines 20 GB shared data $85 or $80.70 with auto-refill
4 lines 25 GB shared data $100 or $95 with auto-refill
Taxes and fees are extra

3 other Verizon alternatives that run on its network

Don’t think Total Wireless is a good fit because it doesn’t offer an unlimited plan? There are other Verizon alternatives that do. These budget carriers also use Verizon’s cell phone towers:

If you’ve left Verizon for Total Wireless or one of the other wireless providers that we’ve mentioned, tell us about your experience! Share your Total Wireless review in the comments below.

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