Verizon to end naked DSL service


Verizon is making a play to drive up the cost of Internet service by doing away with standalone DSL.

As one of the nation’s two largest monopoly phone companies, Verizon has decided they’re not getting enough of your money. So now they want to cram a worthless home phone line down the throats of customers who just want Internet.

Predictably, Verizon has a cute justification for doing away with standalone DSL (aka naked DSL,) which is where you buy Internet without a phone line.

“Our decision to adjust the way we offer DSL service after May 6 more accurately represents the broadband customer base at Verizon,” company spokesman William Kula is quoted as saying. He adds that ending standalone DSL sales lets Verizon “control our cost structure more effectively.”

What does that means?! Nothing really. It simply means the reality is they just want to charge you more money! So here’s the deal, if you live in a Verizon service territory, check out options like fixed wireless from Clear or even a monopoly local cable company for naked DSL.

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