New $10/month cell phone plan runs on AT&T’s network

New $10/month cell phone plan runs on AT&T’s network
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Unreal Mobile has just launched a new partnership with AT&T to expand its $10 a month cell phone plan.

Does Unreal Mobile sound familiar to you? first wrote about the new wireless provider back in June when it began offering cheap cell phone plans through Sprint’s network.

Its relationship with Sprint will continue, but it’s the service using AT&T‘s network that’s making headlines today.

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Unreal Mobile partners with AT&T to expand cheap ‘unlimited’ cell phone plans 

Here are the details: Unreal is now offering AT&T SIMs that will work on any unlocked GSM phone. The service was previously only available through the Sprint CDMA network.

“We have had over 50,000 people bring their existing phone to UNREAL Mobile, but until today, only certain Sprint devices worked and most of those devices did not qualify. That put us in the unfortunate position of having to turn customers away,” said Samantha Lewe, UNREAL Mobile GM. “With the addition of GSM SIMs from one of the top nationwide networks, mobile users across the U.S. can now access our lowest-cost service, and on the nation’s best networks.”

An AT&T SIM card will cost $4.99, with monthly cell phone plans from $10 that include talk, text and data.

This is important: Unreal Mobile’s cheapest “unlimited” plan is $10 a month, but it only comes with 1GB of high-speed data. Your speeds are reduced to 2G, which is too slow to stream video, after you’ve reached the limit.

Unreal Mobile data plans (Updated September 2018)

Unlimited talk, text and 1GB LTE data $10/month
Unlimited talk, text and 3GB LTE data $20/month
Unlimited talk, text and 5GB LTE data $30/month

According to Unreal’s website, all plans include a built-in VPN security service that lets you browse anonymously without being tracked, an ad blocker, the ability to save unused data, and live agent customer support.

Based in Los Angeles, Unreal Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) from the people behind FreedomPop.

Money expert Clark Howard tried out the service when it was just available through Sprint’s CDMA network. He said it was “flawless” after two weeks of testing, but he didn’t like the $50 Alcatel phone he bought from Unreal.


Customers can still buy a CDMA phone from Unreal, but most people will probably prefer to bring their own unlocked GSM phone.

Unreal Mobile told that the new option to buy an AT&T SIM will be clearly laid out on its website starting today. Read Clark’s full review of Unreal and compare your options in our cell phone guide!

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