Unreal Mobile: New ‘unlimited’ cell phone plan starts at $10 a month

Unreal Mobile: New ‘unlimited’ cell phone plan starts at $10 a month
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Unreal Mobile, a new wireless service from FreedomPop, has just launched a cell phone plan for $10 a month!

After Sprint’s $15/month unlimited deal expired last week, Unreal has started promoting the “lowest priced unlimited plan” — no contract or credit check required.

However, we have to use the term “unlimited” very loosely when talking about the details of Unreal’s plan.

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Unreal Mobile launches $10 cell phone plan: Here’s what you need to know 

I was one of the 50,000 people who registered for Unreal’s beta program and received an early invitation to take advantage of the offer that’s now available to everyone at UnrealMobile.com.

Unreal’s $10 a month plan comes with just 1 GB of LTE data before it’s reduced to 2G speeds — too slow for video streaming.

Unreal Mobile beta invitation
Unreal Mobile beta invitation
Unreal Mobile data plans
Unreal Mobile data plans

Unreal Mobile phone options
Unreal Mobile phone options

To be clear, Unreal’s plans include unlimited minutes, text messages and data. However, you must choose a plan based on how much high-speed data you need.

Here are the three options:

  • Unlimited Everything + 1GB LTE $10/month
  • Unlimited Everything + 2GB LTE $15/month
  • Unlimited Everything + 5GB LTE $30/month

According to Unreal’s website, all plans include a built-in VPN security service that lets users browse anonymously without being tracked, an ad blocker and the ability to roll over unused data for free.

Unreal runs on Sprint’s network, so customers can bring their own Sprint CDMA phone or buy a new one.

“The response we received since announcing our intent to enter the market made it clear customers are ready for a different kind of low-cost mobile plan,” said Samantha Lewe, general manager of Unreal Mobile. “As the market braces itself for consolidation, we are demonstrating that it’s possible to provide the latest in premium, feature-rich mobile experiences at a huge discount and without postpaid contracts.”

Since Unreal Mobile is just getting started, there aren’t reviews from customers about its service. However, we’ve heard some complaints about FreedomPop in the past.

If you’re a light data user, this type of a plan may be worth a try! Just know that sometimes you get what you pay for.

Last September, I switched from a $60 unlimited plan with Sprint to Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile, which runs on Verizon’s network. My bill is just $12 a month before taxes and fees.

Read more about my experience here and compare your options in Clark’s guide to the best cell phone plans and deals!

Editor’s note: Money expert Clark Howard has signed up for Unreal Mobile’s new wireless plan and will be testing it out over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for an update!

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