FCC to reverse decision on unlocking a cell phone?


Some months ago, the cell phone industry was able to get an unelected official at the Library of Congress to issue a ruling making it a 5-year felony if you take a cellphone you already own and try to take it to another cell phone service. It’s what’s called unlocking.

Under the Millennial Digital Protection Act, this unelected official — the Librarian of the Congress — was given this odd power by Congress to imprison American citizens for taking property that they own and unlocking it.

But now comes word that the FCC may move to over-rule the Librarian of Congress and reverse the decision. Which is exactly as it should be.

The initial move was really just an industry protection act aimed to limit our freedom to the benefit of big corporations. Within hours of that obnoxious decision back in March, a petition started and 100,000+ signed in short order, making it a petition the feds had to respond to. The White House says they support unlocking phones. And the FCC now backs you being able to unlock phone that you own.

I’ll keep you updated with how it all works out.

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