Two ways to save money on TV


More and more people are cutting the cord from traditional pay TV programming, either by dialing back or getting rid of it entirely.

At my home we use Roku, have a monthly Netflix subscription, and rent new feature films from RedBox.

But there are two other options for saving money on TV that I’d like you to know about. is a service I talked about back in 2009 that has since refined itself. You can buy a Boxee device at Wal-Mart or on the Boxee website for $99. That device lets you stream content and also offers a cloud DVR service for $10 a month. You can also access Netflix, Hulu and other pay streaming services on your Boxee.

The average person pays $80 or more per month for a traditional pay TV package. So you’re really in a position to dial it way back using Boxee.

The second thing is that the Amazon Prime service now has a greater library of video content and has adopted a $7.99 a month pricing structure, just like Netflix and Hulu Plus. (You can also still pay the annual price of $79 as well for Prime.) Both pricing structures give you access to free 2-day shipping if you’re a regular Amazon customer.

So it’s about time to look at the alternative of dumping traditional pay TV. It’s your wallet!

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