Twitter can land you a jobaE¦or in jail


Just 140 characters can lead to you to a new job or to a jail cell. How you use those characters makes all the difference.

There’s a report in Forbes  about how people are using Twitter to find work. The basic strategy is to follow dynamic people who are influencers and develop a relationship with them via tweet and direct message that ultimately leads to a job offer. There’s even a book about this called 125 Twitter Job Search Tips.

Here are some specific tips in the Forbes article regarding Twitter job hunting best practices: Have a concise bio, upload a headshot, and follow the right people in your field. That last category includes industry publications and your alumni association.

On the other hand, some people are using Twitter and landing themselves in real hot water. Several who have made threats against President Obama on Twitter have wound up in jail — despite saying they were drunk when they sent the tweets, according to The New York Times.

I want you to use those 140 characters to get a job, not a jail cell!

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