Vudu and Netflix can help lower your monthly pay TV bill


For weeks, Clark has been talking about Netflix and the benefits of their on-demand video service. But there’s another option called Vudu that has a slightly different business model.

With Netflix on demand, you sit down with a remote, select the movie you want to see and then it streams to your computer or TV over the Internet. Wait times for a movie are generally less than one minute, and most subscription plans start at $7.99/month.

Vudu, however, doesn’t lock you into any monthly contract. You pay for what you choose to watch. That means you can pay $1 for an older movie or up to about $8 for a hot title in full 1080p HD format, all streamed over the Internet. It’s true market pricing that’s set by supply and demand.

Vudu has emerged as a real threat to Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest seller of DVDs. That’s prompted the retail giant to buy out Vudu, with plans to keep the service fully operational and extra cheap!

Your assignment is to start thinking about ways to your fire cable or satellite provider and save a bundle on TV. One possible option could be to get a hi-def antennae to pick up local channels over the air for free and then use Netflix or Vudu to beef up your programming choices.

Also consider Hulu Plus for a ton of other on-demand programming at the same price point as Netflix.

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