New report: The #1 streaming service in America

Streaming services ranked from best to worst
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Video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and a handful of internet-based live TV providers have replaced traditional cable TV for cord-cutters across the country.

More people are subscribing to these streaming services every day to save money, but which one is the best?

Video streaming services ranked from best to worst

In the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s 2018-2019 Telecommunications Report, video streaming was the top-performing category, with a score of 76 on a 100-point scale.

Meanwhile, customer satisfaction with subscription TV services (cable and satellite) is far behind, with an ASCI score of 62.

“The video streaming service industry overall stands out for the quality and reliability of its mobile apps, although individual company performance varies widely. Viewers find streaming service bills very easy to understand, especially compared to traditional cable and satellite offerings.”

The report found that Netflix is the #1 video streaming service, with an ACSI score of 79. The company has been releasing a lot of original content lately and continues to grow its subscriber base.

Sony’s PlayStation Vue, a live TV streaming service, came in second with an ACSI score of 78.

Microsoft Store, Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes and Hulu all scored above the industry average, but not the rest of the streaming providers featured in the table below.

Some services further down on the list aren’t enough of a departure from original cable and satellite TV, the study found.

ACSI ranks video streaming services from best to worst

Video streaming service 2019  2018 
Netflix 79 78
Sony PlayStation Vue 78 78
Microsoft Store 77 77
Amazon Prime Video 76 75
Apple iTunes 76 77
Hulu 76 75
CBS All Access 75 74
Google Play 75 75
Twitch (Amazon) 75 78
Vudu (Walmart) 75 75
YouTube (Google) 75 76
HBO 74 72
Sling TV (DISH Network) 74 71
All others 72 71
Starz 72 72
Showtime 71 70
DirecTV Now (AT&T) 69 70
Sony Crackle 68 68

The ACSI predicts that competition from Disney and Apple will likely lead to further improvement among video streaming services. Both companies plan to debut new services in the coming months.

This report was based on interviews with 38,681 customers that were collected between April 2018 and March 2019.


If you’re thinking about making the switch from cable or satellite TV to streaming, start with Clark’s guide to cutting the cord for a list of the best free and paid options.

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