Tubi TV: More movies than Netflix — for free

Tubi TV: More movies than Netflix — for free
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One of the great things about the TV and movie streaming business right now is that there’s a lot of content being offered for very low prices — and sometimes even for free. You just need to know where to look.

One of the best free apps for movies and TV shows out there right now is Tubi. Not only is it all free, but it’s perfectly legal — this isn’t one of those foreign-server torrent sites. In a world of paid subscriber models, Tubi has become a premiere free movie-watching app.

Want to watch movies for free? This app has more choices than Netflix

Unlike Netflix, which has taken on the movie business by creating its own high-quality original content, Tubi is content to play Hollywood power broker.

“Frankly, we are the best thing that’s happened to Hollywood in a while because we help them monetize their library of content,” Tubi CEO Farhad Massoudi told the San Francisco Business Times. “We will never do original content,” he said, because Tubi wants to be a true partner and supplement to the film studios by offering them another revenue stream.

Launched in 2014 as a supplemental service to AdRise, an advertising platform for video-on-demand services, Tubi has quickly become a force. Here are four things to know about the service:

More movies than Netflix

One of the things that separates Tubi from other ad-supported competitors (like Crackle) is the sheer volume of movies available. Tubi has positioned itself for the long haul by brokering deals with movie houses like Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount. As a result, it has amassed an enormous library of Oscar- and Emmy-winning films. As of June 2018, Tubi had nearly 8,000 titles. Netflix, on the other hand, has somewhere around 6,000. Tubi even has a Not on Netflix category!

How does Tubi make money? Ads

Tubi’s business model, like many others, is to pay its bills by letting advertisers reach its audience. When I watched two full-length films on the service, I saw eight commercials during each two-hour film. Some users have reported seeing as many as 12 30-second ads in that time period.

Massoudi, Tubi’s CEO, believes that viewers will continue to watch because his service and others like it (Hulu specifically) are being responsible with their advertising portfolios. “Consumers prefer to discount the subscription service with advertising so long as it’s a good advertising experience and it’s not too intrusive,” he told San Fran’s Business Times.

Tubi serves you through a Content Personalization Engine

In late 2017, Tubi overhauled its library algorithm by launching its Content Personalization Engine. The technology uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to customize Tubi’s content library for individual viewers. That means when you click on a movie one time, you’ll see others like it the next time you open the app. The secret sauce behind this technology is the engine’s real-time analysis of a number of user data sets, including profiles, behaviors and third-party data sources.


Here’s how you access Tubi TV

You can watch Tubi on your computer via their website, Tubitv.com, or on your phone or tablet. Tubi is available for download on iOS and Android as well as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and TiVo. The service is also available on major gaming consoles Xbox and PS4.

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