This umbrella tells you when it will rain


A new umbrella can predict if it’s going to rain in its immediate vicinity using a chip inside its handle. 

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How it works

‘We send you a notification on your smartphone and it says, ‘Hey it’s going to rain in 15 minutes where you are, so you better take your umbrella,” said a spokesman for Wezzoo, the company that makes the Oombrella

Plus, if you are forgetful, you may never leave an umbrella on a bus or at a restaurant again. The Oombrella will send a warning to your smartphone if you leave it behind somewhere.

The device, which has yet to launch on Kickstarter, is expected to go on sale sometime in March and be available by Christmas. 

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Critics assert that the gadget is a good idea and it looks pretty cool, but it comes with an $85 price tag — much more than similar information that can be obtained from free weather apps.

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