These laptops could be infected with spyware


If you have a laptop computer i got something you need to listen up for. If your laptop is from Lenovo, which is perhaps the largest manufacturer of laptops in the world, there’s a special problem you need to know about. Lenovo was putting on its laptops a special adware program that would be able to serve you ads and kind of be able to figure out what you like doing on a computer and all that, but the problem is that adware program that Lenovo put on ended up making an entry way for an ugly virus to spy on you. 

So if you have a Lenovo computer, you need to wipe that virus off of it. Wipe the adware program off of that computer. Lenovo is already red faced, but you’re the one left with the problem. I have a step by step guide for you to see, first of all if you have a Lenovo if yours is affected, and second, how to remove the problem from your computer and from your life. Check it out at I’m Clark Howard.

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