Is the new Galaxy S7 Edge worth the high price tag?


If you want a phone that makes a statement, is sleek and also smart, you’ll want to check out the newest Samsung Galaxy Edge. 

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The Galaxy S7 Edge is to phone lovers what a brand new BMW or Audi is to luxury car lovers. At $794.99, you’ll definitely be paying a premium price for the latest edition of the Samsung Galaxy. 

But it is worth it? 

The folks over at CNN Money put this phone to the test and revealed their findings. 

Among their favorite features, the phone has an overall great look and feel. It charges in less than 80 minutes, apps load quickly and the display is always on, providing instant access. 

On the flip side though, they commented that it ‘seems more complicated than it should be,’ saying that there isn’t a need to add more features without having a good reason for them. But, they landed on the conclusion that the Galaxy S7 Edge is a worthy rival to the iPhone 6. gave the phone 4 out of 5 stars, and published a list of pros and cons. Among the pros: Gorgeous design looks nearly perfect, top-of-the-line-specs and water-resistant. The cons? The glass is slippery, fragile, and collects fingerprints, it has an overly sensitive nav bar and there is too much bloatware that loads down the operating system. wrote a review of the S7 Edge and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. What they loved: Polished design, an awesome camera, long battery life, microSD storage slot and water-resistant. 

What they didn’t love: The screen is too reflective, it produces plastic-looking selfies even without a filter, and there is no removable battery.

So what do you think? Would you buy the Galaxy S7 Edge? 


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