AT&T throttling speeds for unlimited data customers


AT&T continues to tarnish its reputation with deception, arrogance, carelessness toward customers and incompetent customer-no-service. Who’s running this ship into the ground?

AT&T recently did away with unlimited data plans for new customers. And then they decided to start playing games with the existing customers who were still grandfathered into the unlimited plan: Customers were randomly being told that their data usage exceeded the average for their area. AT&T then slowed down their connection to 1/100 of the original download speed. That means a page that used to take one second to load was now taking up to two minutes to appear!

When customers complained, the customer service agents didn’t help, they just tried to coerce them onto one of the new paid-data plans. So, in effect, they are telling customers who have played by the rules all along to take a hike.

Clark thinks this company is an embarassment to capitalism. And, thank goodness, AT&T was not allowed to proceed with their anti-consumer, anti-free-enterprise merger with T-Mobile.

Clark believes they are simply not to be trusted, and not worthy of your business.

Consumer Reports recently rated them at the very bottom in a recent look at all 22 cell providers. Until AT&T decides to wise up and start treating customers right, you should look into exercising your other options.

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