Just announced: Some T-Mobile customers are getting a free Netflix subscription


T-Mobile’s unlimited deal just got better for anyone on a T-Mobile ONE family plan!

The wireless provider has announced that through an exclusive new partnership, T-Mobile ONE family plans will now come with Netflix — at no extra charge.

The price of the unlimited plan is still $40 per line for a family of four, with taxes and fees included.

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T-Mobile ONE family plan comes with free Netflix

To qualify, you need to have two or more paid voice lines on T-Mobile ONE, and customers with free lines from the recent “line-on-us” deals are also eligible.

However, customers on Unlimited 55+ or 2 lines for $100 are not eligible for free Netflix.

For those who can get this deal, you can activate your Netflix subscription online, in-store or over the phone starting on Tuesday, September 12. Read more here.

Already have Netflix? T-Mobile will cover the cost of a standard subscription, which is $9.99 in monthly savings for you!

“If you have not shopped your cell phone service in the last six weeks, you’re paying too much. I used to say in the last six months, but prices have moved so much in the last six weeks,” Clark said on the radio show. “You owe it to your wallet to not let inertia rule your life and go shop for the deals that are out there.”

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