T-Mobile announcement: How the wireless provider is changing customer service


T-Mobile has announced its latest “Un-carrier” move — and it’s all about improving customer service.

Speaking to a crowd in Charleston, South Carolina, CEO John Legere and company officials said customer service everywhere is broken and T-Mobile’s latest action will take steps to fix that.

Legere told the audience that this change is personal and was years in the making.

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T-Mobile: Real customer service = Real people 

Here’s the deal: T-Mobile says it’s launching a concept it calls “Team of Experts” nationwide. Instead of investing in avoiding customers, T-Mobile says it’s investing in serving them.

For subscribers, that means no more robots, automated systems or getting bounced around from department to department.

As a T-Mobile subscriber, you’ll have access to a team of real people — the experts — who can troubleshoot issues with phone service without the headaches.

To do this, T-Mobile has different experts available to you sitting in the same workspace to eliminate the “call center runaround.”

Company officials say waiting on hold can’t be avoided completely, but customers will have the option of scheduling a time for someone to call them back if that happens.

“”˜Your call is important to us’ are the six emptiest words ever robo-spoken,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “People are fed up with horrible customer service that puts cost control ahead of customer happiness. While other brands mechanize customer service, we’re going the other way ‘ no bots, no bouncing, no BS. With Team of Experts, we’re tearing up the traditional playbook, killing the phone menu and putting people at the center of customer care, like they should be. Because at T-Mobile, our customers have always been rock stars to us.”


Pandora and Live Nation perks

To celebrate the news, T-Mobile is giving customers a free Pandora Plus music subscription for a year. You can unlock the subscription on August 28 in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

The company has also partnered with Live Nation to provide T-Mobile customers with discounted tickets and other perks.

Before the announcement, Legere attacked competitors Verizon and AT&T for their wireless offerings, but he didn’t mention Sprint. T-Mobile is currently trying to merge with Sprint.

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