Sprint’s $30 unlimited data plan comes with a big catch


Recently, I shared how existing Sprint customers may be able to take advantage of the wireless provider’s $50 a month promotional pricing for an unlimited data plan.

Not long after signing up for that offer myself, another pitch hit my inbox for a $30 unlimited plan!

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Sprint’s $30 unlimited plan: What you need to know

The email had the subject line “Sprint has a $30 unlimited plan just for you” and said the “exclusive offer” was for loyal customers only.

But why would Sprint give me such a great deal when I just switched to the $50 per month plan?

Here’s the catch: The $30 a month plan provides the first 2GB of data at 4G LTE speeds, but it then drops to 2G speeds for the rest of the billing cycle.

So the plan technically offers “unlimited data access,” but only 2GB of that is high-speed data.

Sprint $30 unlimited data plan email

Meanwhile, the $50 per month Sprint Unlimited plan only kicks in data deprioritization during periods of network congestion after a user hits 23GB during a month.

Sprint’s offer says the $30 unlimited plan is a “no-brainer,” but I think I’ll pass.


Having speeds reduced to 2G severely limits the ability to do what most people use their smartphones for these days, like streaming video or music — and even surfing the web.

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