Sprint offers new $40 a month plan for 2 GB of data


If you’re a light data user, there are more and more ways to keep your monthly bill as low as possible.

The latest entry from Sprint prices out at $40 a month.

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Sprint’s $40 a month offer

Sprint has made a big push into unlimited lately. Amid all the competing unlimited offers from the Big 4 wireless carriers, the cheapest unlimited offer of all comes from Sprint — $50 a month for a single line.

But recognizing that not everyone wants unlimited data, Sprint has now introduced unlimited talk and text plus 2 GB of data for $40.

That $40 price tag reflects a monthly discount of $5 for enrolling in AutoPay. (Discount applied within two invoices.)

“This plan is not being advertised because our main focus is, and will remain, unlimited,” spokeswoman Kathleen Dunleavy told FierceWireless.com.  “However, there is a subset of our customers who would like a plan that is a little more affordable and hence we are offering [this].”

If you’re reading Clark.com, chances are you like to save money.

To that end, you may want to know about Republic Wireless. Their $30 a month plan also includes unlimited talk and text plus 2 GB of data — for $10 less a month than Sprint is offering.

And if you want to go really cheap, Republic Wireless has plans that start at just $15 a month.


Everyday, we as consumers have to make a choice about how we handle our money. Is unlimited data really important to you or could you cut back and put the money you save each month toward building up your retirement savings?

The choice is yours…

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