Hurry: Sprint has a limited-time $50 offer for unlimited data!


Sprint is taking aim at competitor Verizon with a new limited-time offer.

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$50 for unlimited data from Sprint

New customers will pay $50 for unlimited mobile optimized streaming videos, gaming and music — plus unlimited 4G LTE data for most everything else — when they make the switch to Sprint.

verizon $50 unlimited data limited time offer

This is a great deal if you’re just one person, though you can add a second line and pay only $90 a month for both — a savings of $5 monthly on each line. Additional lines are available for just $30 per line.

The deal, which also includes unlimited talk and text, requires you to sign up for ebilling and AutoPay.

But hurry…this deals ends tonight (1/30/17)!

If you sign on today, you’ll lock in your $50 monthly unlimited rate until April 2018 — at which time you’ll pay an additional $10 per month for unlimited everything.

A shot aimed at Verizon

The limited-time offer undercuts Verizon’s new rollout of a 5GB for $55 plan.

‘Welcome to 2017, Verizon,’ Sprint’s new CMO Roger Solé writes in a blog post. ‘No one wants to watch a data meter and change their habits to meet your plan restrictions.’


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