Spotify to branch out into video streaming


A leading music streaming site is about to branch out into another arena of digital entertainment.

Fortune  reports that Spotify, which now has 24 million users, is poised to get into digital video streaming. They feel they’re in the digital stream business, not the music business, and offering video is just another way to get it done. No word yet on when beta testing will start.

More than ever, you have ability to watch video when and where you want. There’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and YouTube with video channels of show content, to name a few options.

In addition, what Dish is doing is extraordinary. It’s now possible to watch your satellite programming anywhere in the world, doing what’s called ‘place shifting’ your content.

The number of people who want to sit on couch and watch traditional pay TV is shrinking. People under age 35 want a whole different model for watching video and the marketplace is catching up.

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