Yuck: Your PlayStation 4 console may be full of roaches


If your Sony PlayStation 4 suddenly stops working, literal bugs may be to blame.

According to a blog post from Kotaku, some repairmen say that at least half of the PS4 consoles they service are infested with cockroaches. It’s so bad that one New York City repair shop charges a $25 roach fee.

Is your PS4 a roach motel?

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But why do roaches like to take up residence in the PS4 more than other types of gaming consoles like the Xbox One?

Kotaku says the PS4’s design makes it easier for cockroaches to get inside. The system’s ventilation grates are wider than other consoles and those vents are located at the bottom of the console.

Also, due to its internal power supply, the PS4 runs hotter than the Xbox One — and roaches love warm and dark areas.

Aside from being totally gross, the roaches can harm the device. In the YouTube video below, a repairman says roaches roaming around can touch energy points, zapping the bugs and the power supply.

Some people may have no idea that their consoles are full of roaches until the PS4 stops working properly.

To prevent cockroaches from infesting your console, store your PS4 in an open area with adequate airflow (not in a dark cabinet) and high off the ground.


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