Social networking popularity shows change is the only constant


How much of your life are you spending on social networks? New stats from the Pew Research Center show that half of all Americans are into social networking – -it’s not just for teens and 20somethings any more!

I think about our Facebook page. It used to be a real nothingburger for us and now we have over 100,000 likes and growing! It has become a part of the show and you hear me answer questions from posters from time to time. (A lot of people who would never call in to a radio show will post a question on Facebook.)

As far as age demographics, 90% of people in their late teens and 20s use social networks. I know my oldest daughter is a big time Facebooker and she was into MySpace before that. It’s simply how she stays in contact with her friends.

There’s so much you can take from this Pew report, but the thing that really strikes me is how this really highlights that change is the only constant in our lives.

I think about my own life and career. We used to have a faxback service where people would subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Each issue cost 50 cents and it would be faxed to you! In today’s world, when’s the last time you faxed something to somebody?!

In life, you have to be willing to change and adapt. The same holds true in business.

Facebook may be today’s hero, but it could be tomorrow’s has been. Who knows what’s coming next? Be prepared for change!  

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