Smartwatches are expensive and buggy


Technology that you wear is coming, but it’s still too early to buy it — unless you want to deal with bugs and beta tests.

I recently told you that Apple is going to release a Dick Tracy watch. It will be a smartwatch you wear, and you can check your email, text messages, and more without fumbling for your phone! An announcement about that should be coming in the next few weeks.

Samsung, meanwhile, has already put its Galaxy Gear on sale for $299. It has a fancy camera and a nearly 2-inch display that really signals full nerd alert. I would get it, but unfortunately it’s not compatible with my phone. But just like the Apple offering, it lets you see text messages, who is calling, who is emailing you, and so on.

Finally, the California microchip maker Qualcomm has its own smartwatch for $299 designed to work with Androids.

Yet the reality is we’re still in early pioneer days of wearable technology. Google is testing Google glasses, but facing some real uphill battles with public perception. As with any new area of technology, my advice is wait and see. The world needs the early adopters who spend too much on technology too early and deal with the bugs and the betas.

In a year, these things will be better and cheaper. I promise you.

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