Apple got a BIG surprise in the latest smartphone satisfaction ratings

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Samsung may have spent the last few months choking on the fire from exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, but that hasn’t stopped the Korean company from breathing down Apple’s neck in the latest smartphone satisfaction ratings.

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Apple just barely edges out Samsung in new tally

Last September, Samsung recalled nearly 3 million Galaxy Note 7s because of the threat of overheating batteries that could cause them to explode. Just a month later, production of the phone came to a complete stop.

So it’s safe to say that 2016 was not exactly a banner year for Samsung…

Yet let’s not forget 2016 was also the year of the underdog.

We saw that in international politics with Brexit. We saw it in domestic politics with Donald Trump. We even saw it on the baseball diamond and the basketball court. 

Now it looks like we’re seeing it the wireless world too!

Apple’s near upset in J.D. Power ratings

Despite the immensity of Samsung’s problems, the maker of the downtrodden Galaxy Note 7 trails Apple by only a single point in the 2017 J.D. Power Smartphone Satisfaction Study.

It sounds amazing and unbelievable, but it’s true!

J.D. Power talked with nearly 8,000 smartphone customers between October and December 2016 and asked them to rank their phones based on five factors:

  • Performance (25%)
  • Ease of operation (21%)
  • Battery (20%)
  • Physical design (19%)
  • Features (16%)

Apple score an 840 out of a possible 1,000 points. But the bigger story here might be that Samsung scored 839 points.

When you consider the year that Samsung had, that’s nothing short of amazing!

Could you imagine how these results might have looked if Samsung didn’t have all those problems at the tail end of 2016?!

Apple got a BIG surprise in the latest smartphone satisfaction ratings

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