Sleep-texting: A growing epidemic


Do you sleep next to your cellphone or tablet and start tapping on it, before you even get up in the morning? You’re not alone.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that there’s a new epidemic of “sleep-texting.”

Texting has become so commonplace, especially with the young, that people are instinctively reaching for their phones and messaging others when they’re groggy and not fully awake.

This happens most often with those who send or receive more than 100 texts a day–a category which over 1 in 3 students fall into. Most of these students use their phones as their primary alarm clock too, ensuring the phone is right by their bedside.

So why not get yourself a real, old-fashioned alarm clock or clock radio? And start charging that phone in the kitchen or office, not by your bed, so you don’t inadvertently send something you may regret later!

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