Is your Sleep Number mattress recording what goes on in your bedroom?


Technology can be be a double-edged sword, making our lives easier but sometimes at the expense of our privacy. We’ve come to expect a certain amount of data collection from our “smart” devices like cell phones and watches, but could that surveillance event extend to our bedrooms? One social media user claims that a brand of mattress — Sleep Number — “records you in your home” and that “the mattress is listening.”

The truth about Sleep Number mattresses and whether you’re being recording

People on Twitter and some on honed in on Sleep Number’s privacy policy, which says: “We collect two types of information about and from you,” including “biometric and sleep-related data about how You, a Child, and any person that uses the Bed slept, such as that person’s movement, positions, respiration, and heart rate while sleeping.”

This understandable creeped quite a few people out. And with so many companies in the data collection business, it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that your bed — of all things — is now snooping on you while you snooze.

But what’s the truth about the Sleep Number mattress? How “smart” is this smart bed? If it is eavesdropping on us, can it hear what we’re saying and doing in our bedroom and other parts of the home?

Turns out, the bed isn’t a recording device, as some folks on the internet would have an unsuspecting reader believe.

Team Clark contacted Sleep Mattress via online chat and asked some very pointed questions about what is recorded and what kind of data is accessed by the company from its slumbering customers.

This is what the customer service rep, who identified herself as Natalie, told me:

“Sleep Number does not listen to audio from our customers’ homes. Audio functions in select bed models are set to detect and respond to sleep-related conditions, such as snoring.”

But what about the privacy policy that seems to say otherwise?


“Sleep Number beds do not record audio. We are updating our privacy policy to clarify this,” Natalie said.

“On the x12 model, the bed responds to pre-set voice commands that operate the bed and are not recorded. No Sleep Number products record audio, including the app.”

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