Skulpt Chisel brings tech touch to personal fitness


This might be the next best thing to being a bionic man or woman! Skulpt Chisel is a device that lets you use science to make a direct impact on your physical fitness. With 12 sensors on the back, the Chisel is meant to be pressed to specific areas of your body — like your biceps or glutes. What it does next is take readings and give you two metrics: body fat percentage and muscle quality.

CES product stories to be rolled out live -- titles TBAThis info is sent to a free app so you can then to see your strongest areas and the areas you need to work on. The goal is to optimize your workout and to help you train smarter. You can even see a fitness heat map to get a better understanding of your strongest and weakest areas.

Skulpt is in the process of integrating tailored workout advice into Chisel. So you’ll soon be able to learn what to work on, when to do it and how to do the exercises — all tailored for your body based on your individual fat composition and muscle quality.

How it works

Though Chisel sounds like a very new idea, the technology has actually been around for 16 years. It was developed by Seward Rutkove, one of the company’s co-founders, who is also a neurology professor at Harvard Medical School. 

For those with inquiring minds, the technology behind the Skulpt is called electrical impedance myography or EIM. ‘Myography’ literally means ‘the description of muscles.’ It was originally developed to measure muscle health of patients with neuromuscular disorders like ALS. About six years ago, the technology began being widely used in clinical trials and research hospitals. It’s only been brought to the consumer space in the past two to three years.

The price of Chisel? $99.

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