Silly wifi devices that cost big bucks


With wifi becoming ubiquitous, we’re seeing a lot of “solutions looking for problems” kind of inventions coming out now. Would you buy any of these expensive devices?

Egg Minder Tray – This $70 tray tells you when an egg is about to go bad so you don’t throw good eggs out. I’ll admit we have a big problem with wasted food in America that costs the average household $2,000 a year. But paying $70 for this kind of device?! When the technology is cheap enough it will make sense, but not at this price.

Low-tech solution: Put an egg in cold water and it will float if it’s bad.

HAPIfork – Many people have trouble eating too fast and consuming too many calories. So this $100 fork signals you when you’re eating faster than you should be.

Low-tech solution: Behavior modification won’t cost you anything. To slow yourself down, simply put down your fork after every bite before you resume eating. That will do the job for free.

Huggies TweetPee – You affix this small device to the front of a child’s diaper. Then when the diaper is wet, you get a tweet alerting you it’s time for a diaper change. Only available for Portugese-speaking markets at this time.

Low-tech solution: Well, this one may be worth it so you don’t have to pay for too many diapers because you’re changing when it’s not necessary. Just be sure you’re using generic brand diapers!

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