This alarm clock wakes you up with your favorite smell


Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Maybe you need this smell-based alarm clock that wakes you up with fragrant scents rather than ear-piercing noise!

Clark Howard at CES 2015Inventor Guillaume Rolland says necessity was the mother of invention for Sensorwake. ‘Every morning it was very difficult to wake myself so I tried to find a new solution to wake up in a good mood,’ he says. ‘You can choose your scent so it’s very personalized and it’s also very gradual [so] you wake up [and]  can have a good morning.’

The device works like an espresso machine or a Keurig. You insert a scent capsule, set the alarm and when that time comes voilà…the scent in the capsule is spread throughout your room by dry-heat diffusion! (One capsule is good for 30 wake ups, and each pack of two capsules costs $10.)

Rolland says his favorite scent is chocolate. Other scents available include croissant, espresso, seaside, lush jungle and peppermint. There’s even a money smell simply called ‘dollar’ that was a limited-edition offering through Kickstarter!

For those with a stuffy nose, the Sensorwake also has a traditional noisy backup alarm that goes off after three minutes of uninterrupted diffusion.

The price for Sensorwake? $109 (includes one free scent capsule.)

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