Security warning: Public cell phone charging station


There are times when the low battery symbol on your cellphone can seem like a real emergency.

More and more public charging stations are popping up, but you need to think twice before you plug into a cable that’s not yours if you don’t know who is managing that electrical kiosk.

Security researchers at Aries Scurity brought attention to “juice jacking”– which is the concept of taking data off a phone, or planting data on a phone, through the charging port. This is an active, real threat that can be used to steal your personal information.

Now those same researchers have a new warning about attackers taking aim at your phone’s HDMI capability. HDMI ports are a great feature, but they can be taken advantage of.

They call it video jacking. By using a cable that looks similar to a charger, attackers are able to see and record everything on your screen, and everything you do on your phone including messaging, shopping and banking–and you’ll never be the wiser. Everything is hidden behind the outlet.

Because the default HDMI setting for many phones is usually “on,” the best way to avoid the attack is not plugging in.

But there are easy ways you can avoid juice and video jacking:

  • Only use two prong outlet chargers
  • Buy a backup battery pack
  • Don’t do any sensitive or private work on your phone while at a public charge station.

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