Republic Wireless offers 6 months of free service, discounted phones


If you’re looking for a new cell phone carrier, Republic Wireless has a special deal that you may want to consider.

The low-cost wireless provider is offering six months of free service, which includes unlimited talk and text messages, plus 1GB of cellular data. New and existing customers can take advantage of the promotion.

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Deal alert: Republic Wireless offers 6 months of ‘no cost service’ 

To qualify for the deal, you must buy one of two smartphones during the dates listed below. The devices are also being discounted by up to $100.

  • Moto Z Play at $349 (discounted from $449 from 12/7-12/12) 
  • Huawei Ascend 5W at $129 (discounted from $179 from 12/13-12/19)

Republic Wireless says the special offers are to celebrate $30 million of new funding and its spin-off as an independent company from Bandwidth.

What makes Republic Wireless different

For those who aren’t familiar, Republic Wireless’ technology relies heavily on Wi-Fi for calls, text messages and the Internet. The company says it blends Wi-Fi with cellular to create “expanded network coverage” at a lower cost.

Clark likes Republic Wireless because it’s a no-contract provider, featuring a $20 a month plan with 1GB of data. Due to its heavy reliance on Wi-Fi, Republic says the $20 plan meets the needs of about 85% of its members.

“It’s almost cult-like with Republic Wireless. They are the best deal for one person — or even a couple – in the country,” Clark said.

While Republic Wireless is offering six months of no cost service to those who qualify, a $120 value, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for taxes and fees.

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