Just announced: Republic Wireless unveils cheaper cell phone plan


If you’re a Republic Wireless customer, your cell phone bill is about to get even cheaper!

The low-cost wireless provider has just announced that starting Tuesday, December 12, it will offer the “My Choice Plan” for $15 — unlimited talk, text and Wi-Fi data.

In addition, each gigabyte of nationwide 4G LTE cellular data will only cost $5.

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Republic Wireless offers cellular data for $5/GB

For example, someone who uses 2 GB of data per month would pay $15 for talk and text, plus $10 for the two gigabytes of data, bringing the total to $25 before taxes and fees.

Existing customers on the Clear Choice plans will automatically be switched over to the new My Choice Plan.

“The My Choice Plan is designed to make it easier than ever to save on your cell phone bill so you spend your money on the people and things that are most important to you – not your cell phone bills,” said Chris Chuang, CEO of Republic Wireless. “The overwhelming majority of our members today use less than 2 GB of cell data each month and many new customers who come to Republic Wireless tell us within weeks that they realize they have been overpaying for years for cell data they weren’t using.”

In a news release, Republic Wireless said the new plan is designed to be more flexible. Users can add data as they go or change their plans through the Republic app on their phone.

New My Choice Plan

New Republic Wireless $15 My Choice Plan + $5/GB
Republic Wireless

Old Clear Choice Plans 

Republic Wireless Clear Choice plans
Republic Wireless

The carrier currently allows customers to bring their own Android phone to the Republic network.

Money expert Clark Howard is a fan of Republic Wireless. He has said it’s a great deal for one person — and this change makes it an even better deal for light data users.


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