QR bar codes for smart phones will be commonplace


The bar code you see on most any product you ever buy was really a great invention. But it’s an old technology that is limited. The new codes you’re starting to see on all kinds of things are called quick response (QR) bar codes.

A QR code, which is a 2-dimensional matrix bar code, unlocks so much info and data. You simple scan it (or photograph it) with your smart phone and bam! You can get instant info on a product or even discounts for a product or service. I even saw a QR code on a real estate listing recently that gave you complete info on the property when you scanned it.  

Not sure if you’ve seen a QR code? It is a black-and-white square and in the square there are all kinds of funny lines. The shapes within the QR code carry massive amounts of data and information that you can unlock with your smart device. I believe this kind of thing will become commonplace in the future and before long we’ll be scanning these without even thinking about it.

If you are a business owner who faces the challenge of getting info into the hands of potential customers, I suggest you become familiar with QR codes. I know it can be overwhelming with all the social media as it is. (What are you doing with your Facebook? How about Twitter?? FourSquare??? Groupon???? And the list goes on and on!)

But I believe putting info into the hands of existing or potential customers is really important for any business. And that’s why I think the QR code will be a big time deal for consumers and for businesses that hope to sell to those consumers.

Editor’s note: This segment originally aired in April 2011.

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