Printing on the go gets easier from your mobile device


Your printer is about to get smarter and make your life a whole lot easier.

It used to be that if you wanted to print something, you had to be stationary at a work station or a home computer. But now the way we access the material we want to print out is so different because people are using smart phones, tablets and laptops on the go.

The problem now is how do you print stuff when you’re working remotely from the road?

Many HP printers now come with a unique email address. The idea is you can print from a mobile device by sending an email to your printer and it will print from the road to your home or office. That’s great if you have an HP that offers this feature.

But what if you don’t?

Google has a solution in mind. With their Cloud Print beta, you can assign a printer — regardless of its make, model or generation — an email address. With that in place, the search giant figures out how to sync it up so all you have to do is hit a print command on your mobile device and it will print on your home or office printer.

Let me say this: I am a techno idiot and I was able to set myself up with through Cloud Print. If I did it, you can too.

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