Ordering a pizza through your sneaker? Pizza Hut says yes!


Hey, McFly…Your sneakers from Back to the Future Part II may be able to tie themselves, but can they order you a pizza?

We thought not.

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Introducing ‘Pie Tops’

Just in time for March Madness, Pizza Hut is rolling out Bluetooth-enabled high-top sneakers that synch up with your smartphone so you can order a pie simply by touching a button on the tongue of the shoe!

Huffington Post reports the shoes are being called Pie Tops (what else?) and only 64 pairs are being made at this time.

Why only 64? Because that’s the number of teams that will compete in the NCAA’s March Madness college basketball tournament, of which Pizza Hut is an official sponsor.

In order for the Pie Tops to work correctly, the user has to enter their address, payment info and default pizza order the first time they use the app. After that, they can tap away at their foot any time they want a pie to be delivered!

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