What will the iPhone 7 have? Here are a few rumors


With the upcoming release of Apple’s next version of the iPhone in September, rumors are swirling about what the newest device will feature.

One rumor which has been hanging around since the first of the year is that the new smartphone – iPhone 7, probably – will have wireless earbuds, thanks to a Bluetooth radio chip.

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Forbes reported that the Bluetooth chip, said to have a long battery life, is based on technology developed by Passif Semiconductor,  a startup company that Apple recently purchased.

Another possible feature of the iPhone 7 could be a larger battery than the iPhone 6s has.

Other possible features include a dual-camera on the “Plus” version, in addition to an improved camera on the smaller version; a Force Touch Home button; and 32/128/256GB storage tiers, according to IBTimes.com.

Click here for the full story from IBTimes.com.

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