Scam alert: Calling back an unknown number


I need to tell you about a hot scam that was around years ago and has roared back. It’s called the one ring scam. You have your phone ring and you go to answer it and the lines dead. So you think, ‘oh I missed the call,’ and you have it re-dial that last number. Big mistake.

Because this is how this one plays. You may not know this, but there are several parts outside the United States, particularly in the Caribbean, that use our area code system. So when you re-dial, you’re making a call outside the United States that typically might cost you thirty dollars just for the call connecting. It’s a big, fat scam where the money is taken by the individual, split with usually a corrupt government official wherever you’ve called, and your money is just flat out gone because you placed the call.

Here’s my rule… never ever ever re-dial a call like that unless you know who’s calling you. If it’s important they’ll leave you a voicemail, right? I’m Clark Howard.

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